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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Bio-Energy Healing Treatments:

Q1. How many sessions do I need for the treatment to be effective?

Three weekly sessions, one per week, each lasting 45 minutes approximately followed by a final session to check and balance your energy field one month later.

Q2 When should I have additional sessions?

The majority of people have a course of sessions (4 sessions) only. We review the effectiveness of the therapy with you at this stage and if in a minority of cases, more sessions are recommended, it would be on the basis of one per month only and once we felt that progress was being made, to clear the illness from your body. We recommend a maintenance session every six months to maintain your new health. This is a single session not a course of sessions.

Q3 What happens in a session?

You stand for part and sit for part, if able. As your energy is moving by the therapists work, you may experience during the session, tingling sensations, swaying, heat, cold or light headed feeling. You may experience none of these also. It makes no difference to the outcome, it is just a side effect of your energy moving.

Q4 Do I remain clothed ?

Yes. You only remove shoes, watch and glasses if you have these on.

Q5 What is the price for the sessions?

Each session is €70.

6 Are there any side effects ?

Yes but generally positive ones. Most people get a sense of calm and well being after their sessions and also sleep very well too. Some people can feel very tired afterwards. The body does most of its healing when you are asleep. Others can feel rejuvenated and ready to take on all sorts of tasks. Again we encourage moderation to allow for healing time.

Q7 Is it safe if pregnant ?

Yes. It is very beneficial during pregnancy as it calms and relaxes both mother and baby.

Q8 Do I stop taking my medication during the course of sessions ?

Absolutely not ! Your medication is decided by yourself and your medical consultant. We work complementary with the medical field but look to work on the root of the problem as well as the symptom. As your body heals, your medical consultant may decrease your medication as you no longer need it.

Q9 What illness does Bio Energy Therapy work with?

Everything. As we work on your energy field, your body starts to heal itself. Our bodies have an amazing natural ability to heal themselves. For instance, the hospital put a cast on a broken bone but the body heals the bone. Bio Energy Therapy works on four levels of health, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Q10 Can I work and /or exercise while going through the course of sessions ?

Yes. Life carries on as normal in most instances. However if your work or exercise are the cause of your illness you may need to rest while you recover. For instance if your shoulder is injured, you need to allow it time to heal before lifting heavy weights again.

Q11 Is it good for Stress relief ?

Yes, excellent. Nearly all people who have sessions feel destressed, calmed and relaxed immediately after their session. Stress is the root cause of the majority of illness and so is a major benefit of Bio Energy Therapy.

Q12 Does it help to heal Sports Injuries ?

Yes. It quickly reduces the swelling and bruising which in turn allows your body to start its own healing quicker. It greatly reduces healing time and encourages healing where maybe it has not started. It also helps to prevent injuries happening in the first place by strengthening the energy that supports the ligament, tendon, bone, etc.

Q13 Is it good for prevention as well as cure ?

Yes. Your immune system is boosted during sessions along with your entire energy system. This has the effect of raising your energy to protect you from all that comes at you. Your energy field or Aura is your shield against illness and disease.



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