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March 6, 2012
What is Bio-Energy Therapy?

Historical records document Energy Healing over 3,500 years ago! Bio Energy is what the Life Force in humans is referred to as. When we get a blockage in our energy system, the energy stagnates and this leads to illness and/or discomfort. Our bodies have very powerful healing abilities. The Doctor puts a cast on a broken limb but the body heals the bone. A cut scabs up and heals of its own accord. These are just a couple of the obvious examples that we are all aware of but the body has unique powers for healing. By clearing blockages from the energy system, it allows the body to begin the healing process.

How does it work?

A Therapist will scan a client’s energy system, using their hands, to locate any blockages. Then, through a series of gentle hand movements, without touching the client, the Therapist will work to clear these blockages out of the energy system, thereby allowing the energy to flow freely. Once the energy is flowing freely, the body can begin the healing process.

What does a Treatment involve?

  • A standard course of treatments is five sessions and this is effective for 95% of clients.
  • Treatment takes place in a relaxed environment, on a one to one basis, with each session lasting approximately 30 minutes, including feedback with your Therapist.
  • A Client record is taken, including medical history.
  • Treatment is non-invasive, with minimal physical contact.
  • Clients remain fully clothed except for their shoes.
  • The Therapist may give advice on energy balancing techniques, diet and exercise.
  • A balanced, healthy lifestyle is encouraged.

During treatment a Client may experience many sensations, for instance, heat, cold, tingling or a pulling sensation. Following their sessions many clients begin to recover immediately and have no further symptoms. Due to the deep energy balancing and release which takes place, some Clients experience temporary intensification of symptoms, before they begin to clear. This is a good sign, as it shows a change in their system, however unpleasant that might be! Others clear immediately with no further symptoms. Some may experience little during their sessions but recover fully a few weeks later. A small percentage may not react to the treatment. They might not be ready for the healing and change in their lives that it can bring about. For this reason, we will only take a booking from the Client themselves, to ensure that they are open and willing to experience the Therapy and not being coerced into it by a well-wisher!

What does it treat?

Stress. All ailments ! A to Z ! An ailment is a symptom. The energy blockage is the root of the problem ! The Therapist will clear the blockage and the body will start to heal itself.

Speed up healing time on all injuries, sports, accidents, minor and major !

Speed up healing after operations/procedures in hospital/physiotherapy etc. and lessen pain/discomfort pre/post medical intervention.

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