Effective Bio-Energy Healing in Kildare
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Health & Vitality Through
Bio-Energy Healing

Stress? Pain? Sick? Lacking energy?

Bio-Energy Healing is a complementary therapy to clear blocked energy, in and/or around the body, allowing the energy to flow as intended. This in turn allows the body to utilise its own natural healing abilities to heal itself.

The human energy field or the “aura”, is made by energy that flows via fine channels called the meridians.This energy feeds every body part and organ in our body and also flows outwards to form the Aura around our body. This energy is referred in Chinese medicine to as Chi (Qi) or Life Force Energy. Controlling Chi is one of the main aims of advanced martial artists.

When life force energy flows freely, we experience good health; when it is blocked, we experience discomfort, reduced immunity and in many cases illness.

Historians confirm that many cultures have been successfully treating a multitude of human illnesses with energy healing, for at least 3,500 years! Scientists have also confirmed the existence of a human bio-energy field using a method called Kirlian photography.

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Benefits of Bio-Energy Therapy

Bio-energy therapy has many tangible benefits.

  • It speeds up post-operative and post injury healing process.
  • It reduces and often eliminates completely back pain, arthritis, excema, stress, & migraine headaches (To name just a few).
  • It reduces anxiety and depression.
  • It improves body immune responses.
  • It restores your vitality and well-being.


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Bio-Energy Healing – Real Case Studies
Celtic Healing run by Peter Woods since 2011, offers effective Bio-Energy healing treatments in Dublin & Kildare. I have had great success in eliminating migraines, back pain, arthritis, excema,  boosting immunity & improving energy flow so that the body's natural healing process can take place. If you would like to get relief from any form of chronic pain, headaches, recover quicker from surgery or a sports injury, suffer from any illness, literally A to Z, or you experience a lack of energy and vitality or you are worried & stressed, call me on the number below.
Bio-Energy Healing simply works... Click on the pictures below to read the real life stories...
Bio-energy treatment case study - Tony Fenton Bio-energy treatment case study - Bernie Bio-energy Healing Case Study - Mark Bio-energy treatment case study - Ethel  Bio-energy treatment case study - Brenda Bio-energy treatment case study - Catherine Bio-energy treatment case study - Kevin Ciaran Kilduff, Shamrock Rovers