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Ciarán Kilduff, Shamrock Rovers

Ciaran Kilduff, Shamrock RoversClient Name: Ciarán Kilduff
Age: 20’s
Area: Kildare, Ireland.
Sex: Male
Ailment: Ciarán broke two metatarsals in his left foot. He is a professional soccer player with Shamrock Rovers. The injury happened six weeks previous to his visit. His foot had been x-rayed in the hospital and the news was grim in that the bones were not healing and this could be a career ending injury.

He did a course of Bio-Energy Healing sessions (5 sessions) with us in 2012. On the fourth day, his football club referred him to a specialist in the Hermitage Clinic. After an MRI, the specialist confirmed that the bones had now started healing. He has since made a full recovery and resumed his football career.


On the lst of February 2012 I broke my 5th metatarsal in a tackle while training with Shamrock Rovers. At first, I was told that it would take 6 weeks to heal and was put in a protective boot. However 6 weeks passed, the Club sent me for an X Ray and it showed that the bone had not started to heal. This was a possible career ending injury.

This was when I initially started looking for help with the healing process. I had heard about BioEnergy through my Dad and it was something that I thought might be worth trying! I got in contact with Peter Woods of Celtic Healing and from there I took some sessions with him. It was a new process for me and I was learning a lot about the cleansing/clearing away of blocked energy around the fracture point and other areas of my body. I felt a lot better physically and mentally after visits.

Three days later, the Club sent me to a specialist in the Hermitage Clinic to get a second opinion. On looking at the X Ray he was concerned about the bone but said it felt strong to the touch. He decided to do an MRI to be sure. Thankfully the bone had started healing. The only different thing I had done in the three days was BioEnergy. However, 6 weeks passed and I was again told that although some healing had occurred I still was not recovered enough to get back training.  It was at this point that I was told that I needed to have an operation and to get a screw surgically inserted to ensure bone strength.

Having previously spoken to Peter about the advantages of BioEnergy after a trauma/operation, I knew that i would benefit from allowing Peter to clear the energy from my foot alter the surgery. I went straight from The Hermitage Clinic to Peters Clinic and he got to work. This was where I found BioEnergy to be at its most effective and benefiting

6 weeks later I was back in training and on the road to a full recovery. I would highly recommend BioEnegy to anyone who is enduring a slow healing process or has had an operation and is looking to speed up the recovery period. I enjoyed the entire experience and is something that I will return to if ever I should need it.



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