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If you would like to book an appointment or you have any questions regarding Bio-Energy Treatment, please call Peter (Kildare) Tel: 087 243 5031 or send me a message using the form below:

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    Peter Woods (Kildare)
    087 243 5031

    Bio-Energy Healing – Real Case Studies
    Celtic Healing run by Peter Woods since 2011, offers effective Bio-Energy healing treatments in Dublin & Kildare. I have had great success in eliminating migraines, back pain, arthritis, excema,  boosting immunity & improving energy flow so that the body's natural healing process can take place. If you would like to get relief from any form of chronic pain, headaches, recover quicker from surgery or a sports injury, suffer from any illness, literally A to Z, or you experience a lack of energy and vitality or you are worried & stressed, call me on the number below.
    Bio-Energy Healing simply works... Click on the pictures below to read the real life stories...
    Bio-energy treatment case study - Tony Fenton Bio-energy treatment case study - Bernie Bio-energy Healing Case Study - Mark Bio-energy treatment case study - Ethel  Bio-energy treatment case study - Brenda Bio-energy treatment case study - Catherine Bio-energy treatment case study - Kevin Ciaran Kilduff, Shamrock Rovers