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Brenda, Dublin

Brenda150pxName: Brenda

Sex: Female
Age Range: 40’s
Area: Dublin, Ireland.
Ailment: Client has had migraine attacks since her early teenage years. She has tried medication and controlling her triggers. Having dealt with migraines for most of her life, a Christmas Day 2010 brought another which did not go away. When she came to us in desperation, she was already four months out of work with constant migraine. Migrane is an ailment that is regarded as incurable in the medical world.

Treatment & results: She did a course of Bio Energy sessions (5 sessions) with us in 2011 and was able to go back to work after her sessions. She has since become
migraine free.


I have suffered from migraines since I was fifteen years old. On Christmas Day 2010 I got a migraine attack and it did not stop. The symptoms lasted all day, every day with no relief. I was out of work from early January as I could not get the pain under control and was rendered incapacitated from the constant severe throbbing pain, nausea, light and noise sensitivity.

The sessions were very relaxing and calming. Thankfully the therapy has proved successful to a large extent for me as the migraines lessened in frequency almost immediately (now once every 7-10 days and much decreased in intensity) allowing me to go back to work. I am also booked in for a follow up session and confident that I will be totally pain free thanks to Bio Energy Therapy.



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Celtic Healing run by Peter Woods since 2011, offers effective Bio-Energy healing treatments in Dublin & Kildare. I have had great success in eliminating migraines, back pain, arthritis, excema,  boosting immunity & improving energy flow so that the body's natural healing process can take place. If you would like to get relief from any form of chronic pain, headaches, recover quicker from surgery or a sports injury, suffer from any illness, literally A to Z, or you experience a lack of energy and vitality or you are worried & stressed, call me on the number below.
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